UVA’s White Student Union

UVA's White Student UnionIn the past few days, a Facebook page for the White Student Union at the University of Virginia has appeared.  Groups like this one appeared at universities are few years ago as hoaxes, but it’s hard to say whether or not this one is for real or not.  People here in Charlottesville are wisely responding like it is.

When I first began seeing posts about this group on social media, I had no trouble believing it was real. So often we white people take our privilege as a right, and when it begins to be challenged – as is FINALLY happening here in Charlottesville – we feel threatened and attacked.  We don’t realize that what we have is an advantage, not an innate human right.

So whether or not this whole thing turns out to be a hoax, it’s bringing to light what needs to be seen – white people are not willing to give over our advantages because we fear equality.  It’s heart-breaking.



  • elizabeth.gauffreau

    It’s hard to believe this isn’t a hoax. What a strange time we’re living in.

    • Still no clarity on that, but I’m thinking – given the climate of things here in C’ville – that it could be very real. And sadly, these have always been the times in the U.S. – now it’s just coming to light.