About Our Folks’ Tales

About Our Folks' Tales

Photo by Reza Shayestehpour

Our Folks’ Tales is a site dedicated to telling the stories of enslaved people, free people of color, and the descendants of these individuals.  Here, you’ll find updates on genealogical, historical, and archaeological research that people are undertaking to recover, uncover, and publicize the accomplishments of African Americans, stories that have long been neglected, hidden, or simply unknown.

People of African descent built the foundations of the United States, and yet we as a nation often relegate their role to something we celebrate only once a year or that is only worthy of being celebrated by people who identify as African American.  I’m hoping to change that just a bit with this site because I believe that ALL Americans – all people in fact – owe a debt of gratitude, wealth, and freedom to these people.  This is my small way of paying tribute.

I will be sharing some of my own research findings – about my family members who were free people of color and about the research I do on enslaved communities in Virginia.

My hope is that through this site people will find information to help them in their own genealogical inquiries, inspiration for their own lives, and a greater understanding of the foundational importance of African American people in the history, culture, and very identity of all America.

  • Prinny Anderson

    What a wonderful site, Andi! Your work, the work of the Slave Dwelling Project, BitterSweet, Our Black Ancestry, Coming to the Table, the Monticello Community, and many, many others – so many circles of like-minded folks – will enrich and be enriched by what this site engenders.
    Walk in beauty!

    • Andi Cumbo-Floyd

      Thanks so much, Prinny.

  • True

    Thank You Andi –
    I’m so excited you brought this Website into my Space. I so look forward to learning and sharing. It’s my NEW Favorite Site and it’s bookmarked. Here’s to years of Discovery and Healing and Claiming our History for all of US. This is a warm welcome to Genealogy and History.
    Thank You, True-

    • Andi Cumbo-Floyd

      Thanks so much, True, and if you ever want to want something to share here, please let me know. I’d love to have you. 🙂